Partner Publications

Threats to Stability in Wider Europe – Expert and Academic Analysis

Report, European Neighbourhood Council, July 2017

Central Asia at 25. Looking Back, Moving Forward

A collection of essays from Central Asia, edited by Marlene Laruelle and Aitolkyn Kourmanova, CAP, May 2017

Stakes and Perspectives of the Portable Telephones Market in Central Asia

by Sebastien Peyrouse, CAP Papers 176, October 2016

The South Caucasus concert: Each playing its own tune

by Jos Boonstra, FRIDE Working Paper, September 2015


Mastering a Façade democracy: elections in Uzbekistan

No. 27
cover The president of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov. By Reinis Inkens, Saeimas Kanceleja via Flickr.

by Marlene Laruelle
EUCAM Commentary No. 27, November 2014

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National Policy Series

EUCAM National Series Policy Brief No. 17

No. 17

European National Policies Series - Russia and Central Asia

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Discussing human rights with Central Asia is not enough

No. 16
cover By Mariusz Kluzniak, Samarqand Market, via Flickr

by Editorial by Jos Boonstra and Tika Tsertsvadze
EUCAM Watch No. 16, July 2014

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Working Papers

How does Central Asia view the EU?

No. 18
cover By European Parliament via Flickr

by Sébastien Peyrouse (ed.)
EUCAM Working Paper No. 18, June 2014

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Central Asia Highlights

Eurasian Economic Union policies and practice in Kyrgyzstan

By Dr Damir Esenaliev and Gulzhan Asylbek kyzy, Commentary, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, June 2017

Call for papers, conference ‘The End of the Region: Future of Spatial Constructs in the Populist Era’

By Centre for International Relations Studies of the University of Liege and Cambridge Slavonic Studies, deadline: August 25, 2017

Kazakhstan: a showcase for shrinking civic space

By Aina Shormanbayeva,Open Democracy, June 2017

Civil Society Leadership Awards

By Open Society Foundations, May 2017.

Divided we fall … or rise? Tajikistan–Kyrgyzstan border dilemma

By Anna Matveeva, Cambridge Journal of Eurasian Studies, February 2017.