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Perspectives | In Tajikistan, the EU must mind the GAP
Donors pushing for Tajikistan to shift from subsistence farming to commercial production are not going to relieve rural poverty.
June 2019EurasiaNet
Irna Hofman

Connecting the dots
Challenges to EU connectivity in Central Asia

This Brief looks into connectivity-related challenges and how they relate to the EU’s new Central Asia Strategy and its vision of connectivity. It examines the legacy of Soviet connectivity, the significance of regional informal networks, as well as the impact of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and Russia’s Great Eurasian Partnership.
June, 2019 Institute for Security Studies
Sinikkuka Saari

Connectivity in Central Asia
Given the importance of connectivity for Central Asia, it is key to the EU’s relations with the region. The EU is making a difference, for example, by supporting educational exchanges and helping to dismantle trade barriers, but its role has not attracted the same attention as China’s BRI. The EU’s 2018 Connecting Europe and Asia strategy aims to redress the balance by setting out the values that underpin its own vision of sustainable, rules-based connectivity. For the strategy, connectivity is about more than infrastructure and includes tackling non-physical (e.g. regulatory) barriers to movement.
April 9, 2019 European Parliament

A threat inflated? The countering and preventing violent extremism agenda in Kyrgyzstan

Often overshadowed by regional headline-grabbing hotspots like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran, Kyrgyzstan and its Central Asian neighbours rarely get international attention. But after a series of high-profile attacks and reports of recruitment into violent groups like Islamic State, the issue of ‘violent extremism’ has come into focus in the last few years. In response, authorities, donors, multilateral agencies and many international and national non-governmental organisations in Kyrgyzstan have shifted their attention to the preventing or countering violent extremism (C/PVE) agenda.But does the new agenda sufficiently address the security concerns of people in Kyrgyzstan? Or is it an externally-imposed priority that misses the mark?
Long-read article, March 2019SafeWorld
TKloé Tricot O’Farrell and Jordan Street

In the Spotlight

New Strategy – similar challenges: EU-Central Asia security cooperation

On 5 June EUCAM, the European Neighbourhood Council and the Egmont Institute organised in Brussels the roundtable New Strategy – similar challenges: EU-Central Asia...

Meetings in the Netherlands and Belgium

EUCAM research fellow Khurshid Zafari and EUCAM coordinator Jos Boonstra visited Baarle-Nassau (The Netherlands) and Baarle-Hertog (Belgium) to have meetings with representatives of both...

Study visit to The Hague

On 2 May, EUCAM fellows visited The Hague and had an opportunity to talk with representatives from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and...