Writing and outreach course


The EUCAM ‘writing and outreach course’ is a three-month online curriculum for civil society representatives from Central Asia. The participants:

  • follow interactive classes from inspirational speakers and practitioners;
  • strengthen practical writing skills (policy papers, proposals, etc.);
  • improve public speaking skills (becoming a trainer, presentations, podcasts); and
  • expand their network with European and Central Asian NGOers, think tankers, policymakers and donors.

The curriculum consists of 12 interactive sessions (one per week) and individual guidance in drafting an article. The course is concluded with a roundtable where the participants and trainers present their work. EUCAM organises the course together with the European Neighbourhood Council (ENC).

Course participants September-November 2021:

  • Dinara Abuova, Kazakhstan
  • Arina Efremova, Kyrgyzstan
  • Ojarmyrat Gandymov, Turkmenistan
  • Nozanin Homaidjonova, Tajikistan
  • Zinatmo Mamadsalimova, Tajikistan
  • Dilshod Mirakilov, Uzbekistan
  • Shynar Sarikenova, Kazakhstan
  • Kamila Yessenova, Kazakhstan
  • Ikramidin Zhakypaliev, Kyrgyzstan

Course participants March-May 2021:

  • Farida Alibakhshova, Tajikistan
  • Ulukbek Batyrgaliev, Kyrgyzstan
  • Madina Ilmiaminova, Uzbekistan
  • Erkin Kamalov, Kyrgyzstan
  • Naima Kimatshoeva, Tajikistan
  • Assel Kurmantayeva, Kazakhstan
  • Leila Makhmudova, Kazakhstan
  • Gulbara Omorova, Kyrgyzstan