About Us

EUCAM strives to impact European policies towards Central Asia by:

• Constructively and critically scrutinize policies
• Enhance knowledge through top-quality research
• Raise awareness of the importance of engagement between the regions
• Expand network of experts and institutions from Central Asia and Europe
• Provide a forum for debate and discussion

More concretely, EUCAM produces:
• Commentaries and policy briefs
• Working papers and reports
• Regular EUCAM Watch newsletters
• Seminars, roundtables, and conferences

As an independent research and monitoring initiative, EUCAM has played an important role in raising awareness of the Europe-Central Asia relationship among policy-makers, civil servants, parliamentarians and NGO and academic communities. It has provided research since 2008 to help fill the knowledge gap on Central Asia and the role that Europe could play in the region.

EUCAM was developed as a project in 2008 by FRIDE in Madrid, Spain. Since 2016, EUCAM is hosted by the Centre for European Security Studies (CESS) in Groningen, the Netherlands. Over the years EUCAM has been funded by several European foreign affairs ministries and the Open Societies Foundation. We have also delivered several reports to the European Parliament. We are open to conducting research assignments and consulting on Europe-Central Asia ties.

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