A Chat in the Yurt, discussing Central Asia and Europe – Episode XIII – Academic Mentorship


Episode XII – Research Positionality

In this episode, hosts Rashid Gabdulhakov (assistant professor at the Centre for Media and Journalism Studies, University of Groningen, and EUCAM associate) and Kamila Smagulova (research fellow at PaperLab, and EUCAM associate) meet with Gulzat Botoeva who is a senior lecturer in Criminology at Swansea University and Assel Tutumlu, assistant professor in Political Science at the Near East University. Guests and hosts discuss USTA (mentor), which is an academic grassroots mentorship platform that supports Central Asian scholars in publishing in different academic journals. Central Asian and ‘Western’ scholars are paired with a view to experience-sharing and peer-to-peer learning. Beyond this new initiative, the hosts and guests also discuss broader academia in Central Asia, from interesting opportunities to pitfalls for young academics. 

Step into our Yurt and join us for a monthly conversation on Europe-Central Asia developments. In this series of podcasts, we welcome guests from both regions to discuss exciting new research and the latest developments in Europe and Central Asia. What is happening in Europe that Central Asians should know about? What events are unfolding in Central Asia that Europeans should understand? Together, we discuss society trends, political developments, economic turns, and cultural highlights while assessing the past and looking ahead to what may unfold.


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