‘I still trust the Russian media more’
Narratives and perception of Russian propaganda in Kyrgyzstan

Check out a new EUCAM policy brief, in cooperation with IWPR, authored by Rashid Gabdulhakov. Russian propaganda is dominating the media landscape in Kyrgyzstan, stirring anti-Western sentiment, promoting Russian narratives about its war in Ukraine, and emphasising Kyrgyzstan’s dependence on Russia. This policy brief urges action by the Kyrgyz authorities, donors, journalists, civil society, and researchers.

Key points:

• Russian media is massive and dominant in Kyrgyzstan. This is encouraged by the Kyrgyz authorities and accepted by international donors.

• The Russian news narrative hovers around notions of a confused Ukraine, an evil West, a holy Russia, and a dependent Kyrgyzstan.

• Russian media in Kyrgyzstan is regarded as of high quality, familiar, trustworthy, and a stable middle ground between the poor-quality local media and the amoral Western media.

This policy brief is based on a full report (available soon) on Russian propaganda in Kyrgyzstan by the Institute of War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) in cooperation with the EUCAM programme of the Centre for European Security Studies (CESS).

Author: Rashid Gabdulhakov

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