Security, Supply Lines and Sustainable Development: Afghanistan and Central Asia towards 2014 and beyond


On 29 November FRIDE’s Europe Central Asia Monitoring (EUCAM) programme in cooperation with the Open Society Foundation’s Central Eurasia Project (CEP) and the Regional Policy Initiative for Afghanistan and Pakistan (RPI) organised a one-day seminar in the German Bundestag, hosted by Bundestag member Viola von Cramon (Alliance ‘90/Greens).

The seminar brought together experts and policy makers from Europe, the US, Central Asia and Afghanistan to discuss security and development challenges in Central Asia and Afghanistan in the light of the 2014 draw-dawn of the ISAF troops.

The first session of the seminar explored Afghanistan’s transition challenges; the role of regional actors; and policies of the international community post-2014. In the second session discussion focused on the the impact that western security and military cooperation programmes have on citizens and governance of the Central Asian states. The last session looked into matters of transparency and accountability in the process of the ‘redeployment’ of IFAS troops from Afghanistan and transit-in-reverse contacts with Central Asian authorities.

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