Tajikistan and Europe: A Relationship built on securing development?


On 16 May EUCAM organised the seminar Tajikistan and Europe: A Relationship Built on Securing Development? in Dushanbe. The meeting that was attended by more than 40 local experts, civil society representatives and international agency and Embassy officials. The event was part of the EUCAM-SD project funded by the Wider Europe Initiative of Finland and implemented by the Karelian Institute and FRIDE.

The debates focused on security challenges for Tajikistan such as the relationship with Afghanistan after NATO forces will have redrawn in 2014 from that country but also on internal development-security issues such as lacking opportunities for new generations, migration and weak governance.

Specific attention was devoted to the role of Tajik civil society with Tajik speakers outlining challenges and potential solutions for strengthened civil society in general and in the specific case of the Gorno-Badakhshan region. The one-day seminar was followed by a regional conference organised by the Central Asia Program (CAP) of the George Washington University on Afghanistan’s stability and regional security implications for Central Asia in which EUCAM was also a partner. Meanwhile several EUCAM staff members lectured at a training week of the OSCE Border Management Staff College in Dushanbe.

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