The state of civil society in Central Asia, 15 December 2021


This seminar was organized by the George Washington University Central Asia Program and EUCAM. During the online seminar Erica Marat, Begimai Bekbolotova and Jos Boonstra debate EUCAM’s latest working paper, ‘Between praise and persecution: Civil society in Kyrgyzstan’. In te Q&A part the position of Kyrgyzstan’s civil society in relation to recent events – elections, new laws and constitution – was discussed. The seminar was moderated by Sebastien Peyrouse

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Before joining the Centre for European Security Studies in 2016, Boonstra worked as senior researcher, and later as head of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia programme at FRIDE, a think tank with offices in Madrid and Brussels. He completed MAs in Contemporary History and International Relations at the University of Groningen. His work focuses on Eurasian and transatlantic security issues (in particular EU, NATO and OSCE policies) as well as on development policies and democratisation in Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus and Central Asia. Boonstra is member of several internal research networks and regularly comments on international issues in the media.